War of GAMA
Third-party Illegal Charge Warning


Dear Adventurers:

The official hereby solemnly declares that, except for the official “Gamamobi platform” and the mobile phone store to charge directly, the official has not authorized any other company or third-party to provide charging services. In the past, there were some players who stole credit cards and used unofficial charging channels to charge. As a result, they could not evade criminal punishment at all.

In order to avoid players being scammed or being used, please do not use unofficial channels to charge value. The official "Gamamobi Platform" has already provided a 10% charge bonus, please don't trust any private charging website. We strongly oppose any action that may harm you.

If violations such as illegal charging, malicious refunds, and counterfeit currency purchases are caught, the official will issue a "warning" and "permanent ban" on the game account (even if you have used formal channels to charge, the account will still risk permanent ban for violating our terms of service).

We will conduct online monitoring 24 hours a day, and ban the accounts that post and spread fake charging information. If players find fraudulent messages such as selling illegal coins in the game, please take a screenshot and provide the message to the game customer service. We will directly "permanently ban" such fraudulent accounts as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions, please contact customer service. Thank you.


《War of GAMA》 Operation Team