War of GAMA
[War of GAMA] 2/21 Maintenance Update Announcement


**Maintenance has been extended by 1 hour due to the larger amount of content in this update**

Dear Adventurers:

The game will have maintenance from 15:00-17:00 (UTC+8) on 2/21. During this time, adventurers will not be able to log in, register, or make purchases. The maintenance may be delayed or completed ahead of schedule, so please log out in advance to avoid any losses.

Maintenance time: 2/21 15:00-17:00 (UTC+8)

Maintenance Content:

[New Features]

Added GAMA support pack products

Added daily check-in activity for Morphs

Added daily check-in activity for Summoned Spirits

Added system: Mysterious Merchant System

Added system: Exchange System

Added system: Team Dungeon System

The probability button can now be used to view the probability of crafting results

Added content related to the refund agreement for purchasing items from the store

Added double confirmation feature for purchasing items from the store

Added chat interface prompt content

Added the ability to view information and teleport to other layers on wilderness maps in the world.

[Optimizations & Fixes]

Optimized wild map monster spawning mechanisms

Optimized return key function for Android phones

Optimized the color of gift pack name text

Optimized the gift pack icon in the store

Fixed a problem where the interface would freeze when diamonds were insufficient when inside Essence Cave

Fixed a problem where a Buff would be abnormally be added when logging into a character that was already online on another device

Fixed a problem with batch use of the item Forbidden Spire Extreme Equipment Chest

Fixed a problem where the page buttons and content below in the Morph interface did not correspond correctly

Fixed a multilingual issue with the expired item prompt text

Fixed a problem where the countdown text for expired items was unclear.

[Maintenance Compensation] Haste Potion I * 20, Haste Potion II * 10, EXP Potion (10%) * 5 These can be claimed from the in-game mailbox after maintenance is completed.

※ Depending on the operational situation, the maintenance time may be extended or the server may be opened earlier. Please pay attention to the latest announcement.