War of GAMA
[War of GAMA] 2/9 Server Re-Opening Announcement


[War of GAMA] 2/9 Server Re-Opening Announcement

Dear Adventurers

The server update has completedand you can proceed to log into the game normally. If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact customer service.

Maintenance content:


1. Added the level of the boss in the boss tab of the Map


1. The Spring Festival event will be closed


1. Further optimized the operation of selecting targets in battle, eg. selecting other targets when automatically attacking will make the player attack the selected target after the current target dies

2. Improved the card pull animation

3. Corrected the display error of "Bound Equipment Box" and added descriptions about the qualities of items inside

4. Fixed a problem that the translucent pop-up window in the "Ranking" interface would not disappear with switching tabs when clicking to add friends

5. Fixed a problem that the sign-in interface behaves abnormally after the paid sign-in of the "Limited Time Event" is full

6. Adjust attribute description: Changed spell to magic, critical strike rate to critical strike

【Compensation for Maintenance】

Haste Potion I*10, Haste Potion II*5, EXP Potion (10%)*3

Check your mailbox after maintenance has been completed to receive these rewards.