War of GAMA
[War of GAMA] 2/2 Server Re-Opening Announcement


2/2 Server Re-Opening Announcement

Dear Adventurers

Server maintenance has been completed. Players are welcome to log in and play the game as normal. If you experience any issues, please contact customer service.

Maintenance Content

Gameplay Optimization

1. Only Oracle missions that offer a suitable food item for your class will appear – previously, missions would appear randomly regardless of class compatibility.

2. Optimized battle controls: Players must now first tap the target they wish to attack to proceed with the attack.

3.“Recycling Store” Now offers different amounts of gold for different items

4.Sign-in event purchases and expiry date have been optimized.


1.Fixed a bug where the "Other Types" option was not displayed in the "Auto Pickup Item Filter" setting menu

2. Fixed a bug where some players received a black screen in the event store

3. Fixed a bug where players could make event items that exceed the daily limit

4. Fixed a bug where the reputation store interface was not refreshing the number of items in real time

5. Corrected a problem where the description of the skill book of "Sharpshooter " does not match the actual description of the skill itself

Maintenance Compensation Rewards

Haste Potion I*20Haste Potion II*10 EXP Potion(10%)*5

After maintenance, collect the compensation rewards from your mailbox.