War of GAMA
[War of GAMA] 1/17 Maintenance & Update Announcement


War of GAMA 1/17 Maintenance Update Announcement

Dear Adventurer:

The official servers will be down for maintenance on 1/17 at 15:00-17:00 (UTC+8). At that time, adventurers will not be able to log in, register or make purchases. The maintenance may be delayed or completed early. We strongly suggest players to finish up with what they’re doing ahead of time to ensure no data is lost.

Maintenance time: 2023/1/17 15:00-17:00 (UTC+8)

Maintenance content:

Bug fixes:

1. Fixed a bug where the Good/Evil value is altered by killing monsters

2. Added the Forgotten Fortress dungeon Charging Stones to the store

3. Fixed a problem that where the haste buff increases combat power

4. Bound Equipment Box probability display added

5. Fixed a problem that the Swift Footsteps skill buff displays incorrectly

6. Optimized the display order of crafting items in the crafting list

7. Fixed the problem where equipment is incorrectly displayed in the backpack

8. Fixed a bug where incorrect amounts of kingdom coins were being consumed during enhancement

9. Fixed a bug where monsters appear outside the map on the third floor of the Shrine Ruins

10. Fixed a bug where dungeon timing is incorrect when the player stays on the resurrection interface for a certain amount of time.

11. Fixed a bug where opening bound equipment boxes with a full inventory will cause the wrong items to appear

12. Fixed a bug where membership status isn’t updated while the leader is online

13. The mall adjusts the price of the Gama’s Blessing Pack

14. Fixed a bug where the buff of Enriched EXP Potion is incorrect

15. Fixed a bug where the amount of gold coins consumed to make rare quality necklaces is abnormal

16. Fixed a bug where the backpack capacity is insufficient when items are used in batches

17. Optimized and adjusted the consumption of gold coins for crafting items

Content update:

New Year's Event 1: Lunar New Year's Secret Realm


1. During the event period, players can enter the limited-time secret realm through [Dungeon], and they can enter for 1 hour per day.

2. Defeating monsters in the Lunar New Year Secret Realm will drop special event props [Lunar New Year Magic Firecrackers] (Event)

3. The event instance can only be opened and entered after the player character reaches level 30

Activity time: After maintenance on January 17, 2023 ~ before maintenance on February 9, 2023

Event rewards: Players can use [Lunar New Year Magic Firecrackers] to exchange for various item rewards at event merchants (event merchants will appear in Celestial City after the event starts)

Time-limited codex: Use the exchanged item [Lunar New Year's Mark] to log in to activate the codex effect during the event

Time-limited production: Use the dropped items [Lunar New Year Magic Firecrackers] as a material during the event to go to the "Creation-Event Production" page to make items, and the recipe is valid during the event

New Year Event 2: Happy Lunar New Year


1. In all field areas and time-limited dungeons except [Lunar New Year Secret Realm], players have a chance to get event props [Lunar New Year Token] by killing monsters

2. [New Year's Token] can be used as materials to make various game items in the [Crafting - Event Crafting tab]

Activity time: after maintenance on January 17, 2023 ~ before maintenance on February 9, 2023

Crafting items: Use the dropped items [Lunar New Year Token] as materials to make items during the event, and the crafting formula is only valid during the event

New system: Merchant Reputation System


1. Added reputation settings for equipment, skill books, miscellaneous goods, essences, oracle items, and bounty merchants.

2. Players can increase the reputation of these merchants by purchasing goods like equipment, skill books, and other general items;

3. Players can unlock more higher-level products and rewards by increasing their reputation every day;

4. Players can also give gifts to merchants every day to increase their reputation;

5. Players who have reached a certain level of reputation at a corresponding merchant can also receive corresponding one-time rewards;

6. While the player is improving their reputation with a merchant, the merchant will also help the player through daily mail, remember to check your mailbox.

7. In addition to players, you can also view the current progress through the Merchant Reputation tab of the character interface.