Privacy Policy

when you are done Gamamobi(hereinafter referred to as "this platform") member registration (free of charge) or log in to the game, and when you proceed to the next step after ticking, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept the following content and subsequent modification and change regulations. If you are under the age of 20, you should only use this service after your legal representative has read, understood and agreed to all the contents of this agreement and subsequent revisions.

GAMAMOBI CO., LTD.(hereinafter referred to as "the company") collects the user's personal data in compliance with Taiwan's "Personal Data Protection Act" and related laws and regulations, and in accordance with this Privacy Protection Policy, collects, processes and utilizes the user's personal data.

1.In order to handle the game membership services, online recharge, game activities and related administrative matters provided by the company, the user's terminal information (including model name, operating system version, device identification number, etc.), telecommunications company information, and Internet information will be collected. Internet protocol addresses, game and service usage records, in-game payment records, etc., and users may need to provide information such as name, phone number, date of birth, ID card number, residential address, e-mail or bank account information to continue Use the services provided by the company and receive event prizes or related preferential information.

2.When the user provides personal information during the use of the company's services, unless otherwise stipulated in this privacy protection policy, or the company makes a special statement, the user's personal data will only be used by the company and its affiliated companies.

3.The company mainly collects personal data for the following purposes:

(1)Verify the identity of the membership holder.

(2)Consumer protection, customer management and service.

(3)Conduct data survey, statistics and research analysis in order to provide high-quality services.

(4)Marketing and marketing purposes.

(5)Contracts, similar contracts or other legal relationship matters.

(6)The collection, processing and use of personal data by non-government agencies as required by law.

(7)Other businesses that comply with the business registration items or the articles of association.

4.Period, region and method of using personal data

(1)Period of use: Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations or this privacy protection policy, until the platform ceases to operate or the user submits a request to the company to terminate the use.

(2)Area of ​​use: the area where the platform provides services.

(3)Examples of usage methods are as follows:

■When using various services provided by this website as a user, user information will be automatically displayed on the user interface.

■When users conduct online transaction services on this platform, they will collect information related to the order filled in by the user in accordance with the online transaction form proposed by the user, so as to ensure that the user completes payment, collection, mailing and other necessary transactions. Behavior, and as an analysis of your personal transaction behavior, as the basis for the operator to design user activities in the future.

■Research and judgment on the current status of game operations: Observe users' game and service usage records, in-game payment records to correct, adjust, improve and update game versions and activities, etc.

■Promotional advertising or marketing, etc.: Personalize or analyze users' usage behavior on this platform to show users promotional messages related to preference settings, develop new services or improve existing services, etc.

■Response to customer inquiries: respond to inquiries from users to the company through email, mail, fax, telephone or any other direct and indirect contact methods.

■Requirements for the operation of in-game activities: Display the user's in-game character nickname, guild, battle score, level, props or other game information in the game leaderboard.

■Other matters incidental to business: use necessary for the provision of services incidental to the purpose of use of the above items.

5.Retention of Personal Data and Exceptions

The user confirms and authorizes the company to retain and store all the information it provides and place it in one or more databases of the company. We will maintain full control and protection of all information in these databases in accordance with strict security and confidentiality standards, and will not disclose them to third parties.

6.For the personal data registered or retained by the user, except for the following objects or situations, the company shall not provide or disclose it without the consent of the user:

(1) Employees of the company who have received formal training to handle customer information and are authorized.

(2) Third-party service providers who provide support services due to operational necessity. These suppliers are contractually bound to adhere to the privacy standards outlined herein.

(3) The company is required by the judiciary or other competent authorities to disclose information to public agencies based on legal procedures.

(4) When the company's business reorganization, reorganization or similar situations occur, any trustee or transferee of the company's interests.

(5) To protect all legal interests of the company.

(6) To protect the personal legal interests of other users or third parties in emergency situations.

7.The company has implemented measures to prevent unauthorized access or use of such information. The system of this platform has been authenticated and authorized using appropriate security protocols to ensure the security of electronic communications. Nevertheless, we shall not be liable for any breach of security measures or unauthorized disclosure or use of such information.

8.When a user uses the company's products or services, in order to provide the user with an easier experience, the operator may use various technologies to automatically record all the user's usage behavior in the company, the user's IP address, and the version of the operating system ID, device identification code and other information, as the basis for internal evaluation of this service. The above information is only used for statistical analysis of data, and does not involve the user's personal identity information. Except as otherwise provided in this privacy protection policy, or with the consent of the user, or under the circumstances required by law or order of a government agency or court, it will never be disclosed to other people and units outside the service.

9.In order to enable users to fully enjoy the personalization and membership related services provided by this service, when users use this platform service, this platform will place cookies (transmitted from the server (Web Server) to this software and stored in the Short information in the system) In the electronic equipment used by the user, this cookie does not contain enough personally identifiable information, but records the user's personal settings and usage habits in this service. The server of this service can only read the activity records of the user when using the service in the cookie. The user can clear all cookies by himself. When the user clears it manually, the relevant information of the user will be deleted.

10.third party service

Our Services may include or be linked to information or other services (including websites) provided by third parties. These third-party services may be operated by the relevant third parties. Users' use of such third-party services (including any personal information provided by users to such third parties) shall be bound by the third-party's terms of service and privacy policy (not this Privacy Policy), and users need to carefully read its terms. Users are requested to properly protect their personal information and only provide it to others when necessary. This privacy policy applies only to the information collected, stored and used by the company, and does not apply to any third-party services or third-party information usage rules. The company is not responsible for any third-party use of information provided by users. responsibility.

11.The company attaches great importance to personal data privacy issues, and knows that when the company provides new functions or business services, or needs to update this policy, the company will notify users of the modification before revising this policy.

12.The user parties of personal data collected by this service may assert the following rights against the operator in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act:

■Inquire or request a view.

■A copy is made on request.

■Request additions or corrections.

■Request to stop collection, processing or use.

■Request to delete.

The company may charge a reasonable fee for complying with the above requirements. If the user has any questions about this policy or matters related to personal data protection, please contact the company at [email protected] , and the company will reply as soon as possible .

13.Facebook Information Collection and Removal Instructions

(1) When the user logs in to the application with Facebook authorization, we will collect the user's email address and personal public information, which are mainly used to create an account and provide personalized services.

(2) If the user deletes the game application or removes the application authorization in Facebook settings and privacy, we will delete all the user's information.

(3) If users no longer use Facebook authorization to log in in the future, they can contact us to delete the Facebook authorization data content information of the application. Once deleted, it will not be restored.

Updated date: 2020/11/02