War of GAMA

Spirit Patterns (EN)


1. Consume spirit points to enhance the level of spirit patterns. Different types of spirit pattern, the level is independent and not shared.

2. All spirit points need to be obtained by using items such as "mimic crystal fragments", "mimic crystal shards", "mimic crystal blocks" and "mimic crystal clusters". The above items can be obtained through store gift packs, sign-in activities, etc.

3. Every time you perform an enhancement, there is a chance to increase the level of the spirit pattern by 1~3.

4. When enhancing, the probability of level 1~3 is not completely fixed. You can refresh the probability by consuming 1 mana point through the "Reroll probability" button below, and have a chance to get a higher probability of +2 and +3. The random value of the +3 chance has a maximum.

5. "Enhancing 5 Spirit Patterns" will consume the Spirit Points required for the next 5 enhancement times. The first five consecutive enhancements will apply the current enhancement rate, and the subsequent four consecutive enhancements will apply the basic enhancement rate.

6. Each spirit pattern has a limit on the number of enhancements. After 20 enhancements, the enhancement level may not reach the maximum level (level 30). If you are not satisfied with the result, you can consume diamonds or special items to reset enhancements.

7. Resetting the enhancement level will refund the all-spirit points consumed for the previous enhancement, but the all-spirit points consumed for rerolling the chance will not be refunded.

8. Even if you have not strengthened 20 times, you can reset the enhancement level halfway.

9. When the level of the spirit pattern is enhanced to the maximum level (level 30), the enhancement level can no longer be reset.