War of GAMA



Combat is the most important system in the game. In order to facilitate players practicing skills and getting equipment materials, the game has various functions.
The [AUTO] icon at the bottom left of the combat interface activates automatic combat

Click the [Power Saving Mode] button to make simple settings for automatic battles, and at the same time enable [Power Saving Mode] in this menu.

For items that cannot be set in [Power Saving Mode] menu, you can click the icon of [HP Potion] in the lower left corner to set it
1. Players can set [Search Target], including the order of attacking monsters and the range of enemies to be attacked.
2. You can also set when the potion should be used during automatic combat, when the MP is lower than the value to stop the automatic use of skills, the order of skill release, etc. [combat operation] related settings.
3. [Pickup] can also be set by the player. What kind of items the character should pick up automatically, whether it is materials, scrolls, or skill books, etc.
The system will try its best to facilitate players'AFK training.

4. Players can place commonly used skills or items in the shortcut slot for easy use at any time. At the same time, you can mix and match skills yourself. For example, use skill A first and then use skill B. After placing the skills in the corresponding order, just set [shortcut skill order] and [order priority] in the combat operation interface, and the skill will automatically be used. You can set these orders and customize it in any way you wish.
5. If you want to automatically use the items and skills in the shortcut bar, just press and hold the item or skill in the main menu and move down to set [Auto Cast] or [Auto Use]. Press again or move up to cancel.

6. After the player is offline, there is an offline AFK function in the game, which can help the player to obtain income even while offline. Players can activate the offline AFK function by purchasing a privilege monthly card. In this interface, the consumable  pool and hang-up location can be preset.