Chamber of Commerce


The guild includes four parts: the mall, trading center, regular shop, and exchange shop, each with its unique functions.


Top-up to obtain Meta Crystal, which can be used to quickly purchase commonly used items, vehicles, clothing, and exchange for gold coins, etc.



By using Meta Crystal, you can purchase rare vehicles, fashion items, furniture, buildings, etc.

2) Sell

Clicking on "List for Sale" allows you to sell idle rare vehicles, fashion items, furniture, buildings, etc., and obtain Meta Crystal, credits, etc.。

3. General Store

The general stores are divided into Furniture Store, Tribe Stall, Engineering Workshop, Clothing Store, Miner's Shop, Machinery Store, Flower Shop, Vehicle Store, Weapon Shop, Fishing Gear Store, and Farm Store. They primarily sell various materials and items.

Notice:The general stores primarily accept gold coins as the main currency. To make a purchase, you need to visit the physical location of the store. You can click on the mini-map on the main interface to view and navigate to the store's actual location.

4. Redemption Shop

The exchange shops are divided into the Friendship Point Shop and the Game Coin Shop. By accumulating a certain amount of Friendship Points or Game Coins, you can exchange them for corresponding items.