Chip system


Click on "Chips" to access the Chip System. Chips are divided into Basic Chips (hexagonal) and Expansion Chips (square). Equipping different types of chips activates different abilities for the robot. As you level up as an explorer, you will unlock more chip slots.

1. Basic CHip

There are five types of Basic Chips: Watfinding Chip, Pickup Chip, Drone Chip, Teleportation Chip, and Remote Manufacturing Chip.

Wayfinding Chip: Automatically navigates the robot.

Pickup Chip: Automatically collects dropped items.

Drone Chip: Allows remote purchase of NPC shop items.

Free Transfer Chip: Enables direct teleportation to any location on the map.

Remote Manufacturing Chip: Allows remote resource manufacturing.

Expansion Chips

There are currently eight types of Expandable Chips: Manufacturing Acceleration, Gathering, Battle, Space Warehouse, Game Transfer, Biotherapeutic ,Resurrection, and Electromagnetic Detection. You can equip any five of them simultaneously.